Like humans, female dolphins have a clitoris and they stimulate it

image source: GEO
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Sexuality in animals has a lack of interest from science, especially females, but some scientists are looking into it and trying to figure things out.  

According to the results of a study published on January 10, it was revealed that female dolphins have a clitoris and that they stimulate it out of envy. And no ladies, you are not the only ones looking for solo sexual pleasure. 

Research by animal reproductive specialist Patricia Brennan shows that the clitoris of dolphins is made of erectile tissue and acts as a nerve center. Like a human penis or clitoris, it gorges itself with blood, and could play an important role in the sexual life of females.  

The clitoris of female dolphins also has nerve relays that end just under the skin, like genitals. The skin, which is very thin in this area, accentuates its sensitivity. To stimulate it, female dolphins have been observed rubbing against the sand, or using their snouts or fins to provide pleasure to other dolphins. With a male, the clitoris is placed in such a way that it can be stimulated during the act. 


The clitoris of 11 female dolphins who died naturally (for lack of being able to reconstruct sexual relations in the laboratory to analyze their heartbeats or their brain activity) were analyzed. Scientists have found that the shape of the clitoris changes with the age of the animal, indicating that females use it once they reach sexual maturity. 

It also contains sensory structures called “genital bodies”, similar to the human penis or clitoris, and whose main function is to provide pleasure. They do not engage in the sexual act only to reproduce but also for pleasure. Like us !! 


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