Dimitri Payet was hit in the head by a bottle of water during the OL and OM match 

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On Sunday November 21, Olympique Lyonnais and Olympique de Marseille faced each other in Ligue 1. After 5 minutes of play, the match was interrupted and then stopped definitively. The cause, the #10 Marseillais, Dimitri Payet was hit in the head by a bottle of water, thrown to the stands. 

Payet had to throw a corner when water bottles landed next to him, the referee made the remark and to report the facts to the delegate of the meeting. Everything seemed to be back to normal when the player once again dropped the ball to make his corner and received a bottle of water in the head, thrown from the stands. He remained on the ground for a few minutes then returned to the locker room with an ice pack on his temple.  

Photo credit: Franceinfo

The main referee of the match, Ruddy buquet had suspended the meeting at first, then stopped it definitively, arguing that the safety of the players was no longer guaranteed. The perpetrator was identified through stadium surveillance cameras and was arrested.  

Remember that the Marseille captain had already been hit by a bottle at the start of the season, during a match in Nice, in August. Several incidents were also recorded during this season (2021-2022) in Ligue 1.  

This Monday morning, the disciplinary committee of the professional football league will meet urgently around these new facts. OL risk serious sanctions. 

Dimitri Payet did not show up for training on Monday morning and will instead have to undergo a medical examination, in order to assess the psychological and physical consequences of the incident. 

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