And no, the testicles do not have the same temperature

If you have two testicles, know gentlemen, they are not both the same temperature. This was revealed by the results of a French study that won the IG Nobel Prize in 2019 

Every year since 1991, a month before the Nobel Prize award ceremony, IgNobel (contraction of ignoble and Nobel) a parody of the Nobel Prizes, is awarded for the most absurd or wacky scientific work and research. 

With this prize, it is a question of rewarding the authors of the most surprising, amusing and eccentric scientific research which first makes people laugh, then leads to reflection. The 29th Ig Nobel ceremony, which took place in 2019, rewarded researchers from Toulouse for their work on the temperature of family jewels. 

The left testicle is hotter than the right one and you have surely just checked!!! Indeed, when men are standing, lying down, sitting, legs apart or crossed, naked or dressed, it is revealed that their 2 testicles do not have the same temperature.  


To reach this conclusion, the study was carried out on 30 men: 8 fathers naked then dressed in different positions, 11 postal workers dressed and working standing up and 11 bus drivers dressed and working seated. Using a skin thermometer, the researchers took the temperature of the men's testicles every two minutes.  

When these men were clothed, all presented a temperature asymmetry at the level of the scrotum: the left testicle was hotter than the right testicle. The cause would be that the penis is generally positioned on the left side (89% of cases) and that the volume of the left testicle is 7 to 10% less than the right.  

Other factors to consider would be skin heat receptors, and an asymmetry of scrotal blood flow, so more blood would pass through the left testicle than the right. 

According to the results of this study, regardless of position, the left testicle is slightly warmer than the right. 

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