The town hall of Arcahaie takes reinforcement measures 

image source: town hall of arcahaie

In a press release made public, of which the Netalkole Media editorial staff had a copy, the administration of the municipality of Arcahaie announces the taking of certain measures, in particular concerning people who, fleeing areas controlled by armed gangs in the metropolitan region , would like to take refuge in the city of the flag. These decisions were taken, according to the town hall, with the idea of preserving peace and security within the commune. 

Through this press release published this Monday, May 2, the town hall of Arcahaie obliges all the population of Archelois who would like to welcome other people to their homes, the responsibility to present themselves to the town hall in their companies to be able to fill out a free form. . This measure, having immediate effect, applies in the case of house rental, as well as that of raids throughout the municipality. 

“Pa rapò ak ensekirite ak ap gallops plizyè kote nan peyi a ki rann moun ap deplase ale chache lòt kote pou yo abite, nan sans sa administrasyon kominal Akayè a ap anonse tout popilasyon an ke apati jodia menm, tout moun k ap anfemen moun kay oubyen k ap bay moun fè ladesant dwe pase ak moun sa yo nan meri a pou ranpli yon fòmilè gratis k ap gen tout enfòmasyon enpòtan k ap itil meri a, yon fason pou n ka toujou kenbe komin nou an nan lapè ak sekirite”, can -we read in the press release. 

In addition, the administration of the Archeloise municipality has also issued a warning to any recalcitrant who, according to the note, in the event of non-compliance with these measures could be severely sanctioned in accordance with the rules established by law. “Yon moun ki rive fè kontrè ak sa nòt la di a, ap sibi gwo sanksyon lalwa prevwa”, concludes this note. 

This decision is taken by the town hall of Arcahaie at a time when hundreds of families, due to armed conflicts, particularly in the commune of Croix-des-Bouquets, are forced to flee their homes to go to other cities in the country. 

WRITER: Jacky Chery 


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