Launch of the binational Kiskey'Art project under the theme: Ann viv Ansanm / Convivencia 

In a press release published by the Knowledge and Freedom Foundation (FOKAL), Haiti together with the Dominican Republic has launched a cultural project entitled Kiskey'Art! Kilti bay lanmen!Cultura solidaria. This project is funded by the European Union and organized by Fokal and Azuei. Kiskey'Art.

This activity is part of the binational cooperation program Ann viv Ansanm / Convivencia of the European Union. It promotes creative and cultural exchanges to improve mutual understanding between the citizens of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Thus, the first activity of Kiskey'Art will be an island tour where the worldwide launch of the album Artibonito by the Azuei musical band will take place. This corpus symbolizes the values of exchange and sharing between the two countries. Similarly, the Dominicano-Haitian Azuei movement which was born in August 2015, on the shores of Lake Azueï which separates the Republic of Haiti from the Dominican Republic will also represent the island at Womex. 

Also as part of this project, a show is planned by the movement at the Centro Cultural Espana in Santo Domingo on October 21. 


For its part, the musical band of the AZUEÏ Movement will also be present for an exclusive showcase at WOMEX in Porto, on Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 11 p.m. at the Sá da Bandeira theater, invited as part of the UNESCO Transcultura program. 

To celebrate this activity in style, artists, musicians and actors engaged on both sides of the border and from various backgrounds have decided to come together and reflect on a simple question “SA NAP TAN” (What is -what is expected)?  

 Ultimately, this intense creative process resulted in a Haitian and Dominican 100% album. An opportunity that invites you to travel the island of Haiti through its musical heritage such as root music, Reggae, Bachata, Rara, Merengue, Compas, Salsa, Hip Hop, Soca, in a deep AFRO-CARIBBEAN FUSION. 


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