Obed Lamy and his film “Once forgotten” hover over Arkansas

Photo Source: Twitter Obed Lamy

Haitian journalist and filmmaker Obed Lamy won the award for best emerging filmmaker at the Fayetteville film fest 2021, for his historical documentary film “Once Forgotten” in the United States of America. 

The former student of the Faculty of Human Sciences at the University of the State of Haiti has just won a new prize for his historical documentary film Once forgotten (once forgotten). The program scholarship recipient Fullbright To the university of arkansas where he is doing a master's degree in journalism. 

In the midst of so much disarray, culture remains the only stretcher of an endangered people from any point of view considered. It is for this reason that the journalist has made Haitian culture shine on American soil, thanks to this new award. The young filmmaker did not hide his joy after the announcement of his victory at the 2021 Fayetteville Film Prize. Obed lamy with feet on the ground, with the objective of surpassing oneself the next time, enough to speak about his ambition in the field. 

The feedback is rather positive according to the words of the winner. People from the public, film professionals bear witness to the genius of the young filmmaker. Some people manage to identify themselves through certain passages of the documentary film of people living there for about 50 years, which makes the satisfaction of the journalist. The story told in this little cinematic gem takes place in Arkansas. These are three black slaves living in the city around 1856. They were lynched following accusations of the murder of their master. A theme that brings the journalist back to his origins 


It should be noted that the young Haitian filmmaker is not at his first coronation in cinema. Obed has already won two awards for his short film "Promising voice" (Voice of Promise), the 2021 Made in Arkansas Festival Best Student Film Award, and the 2020 Arkansas Audience Award for the same film. 




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