Tayc becomes a dad just for a few days  

Tayc, the interpreter of the title “time” made a joke to his fans by playing his acting talent to make the public believe that he was going to have a girl. 

A few weeks ago, Julien Franck Bouadjie dit (Tayc), on social networks, had alluded to his private life for the first time. He had announced the birth of his child, precisely a girl, in an image posted on the canvas in the company of his companion with a well-rounded belly, accompanied by the caption "If I share this with you it is because you are in somehow my family too… And the family is growing soon… Thanks to my wife for the most beautiful gift in the world. Welcome to this world my daughter”. 

Shortly after, the French singer with several albums to his credit, posted an ultrasound image and also images of a baby shower, making even more believe in his future paternity.  

On Monday April 24, 2022, the French artist announced that this previously announced paternity story was just an announcement of the release of his clip titled “Donne le moi”, taken from his recent album “Fleurefroid”. 


Tayc had become a father only for the needs of the clip “Give it to me”, released on April 26, 2022, through this music, the singer asks his partner to give him a baby and feels ready to be a father. 

Less than 72 hours after the release of this clip, the video titled “Give it to me” has already been viewed more than 588,000 times. 

If it is true that the artist offended some of his fans, we must also recognize that it was quite a communication blow. 

 WRITER: Soph-Edson Vladjemmy Jean Baptiste 


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