A Dominican senator argues that the Dominican Republic and Haiti are twins in terms of insecurity and violence 

a dominican senator argues that the dominican republic and haiti are twins when it comes to insecurity and violence

Currently, the Dominican Republic is facing an upsurge in cases of violence, and Haiti is unfortunately the best model for comparing Dominican elected officials to alert to the situation. 

"The authorities must act responsibly in the face of the issue of violence and insecurity in the country because we are similar to Haiti in terms of insecurity on the streets of the Dominican Republic", the statements of the senator of the province Elías Piña, Aris Yván Lorenzo. 

During a session in the Dominican Parliament, several senators affirmed that the Ministry of Interior and Police and the National Police have lost the war against violence and crime in the Dominican Republic. 

They call respectively on Minister Jesús (Chú) Vásquez and Major General Eduardo Alberto Then to declare themselves incompetent. 


In recent times, citizens have been victims of multiple criminal acts: robbery, armed robbery, rape and murder. The authorities want to avoid at all costs that the Dominican Republic sinks into the chaos that is Haiti today. 

Indeed, the Haitian territory is infested by gangs, insecurity prevails in the western part of the island. People are victims every day, and the state does not provide a solution. 

The Dominican State wants to spare its people such a scourge with the adoption of several drastic measures, including the unconditional repatriation of illegal Haitians and the construction of a high security dam between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  

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