Haïti: Maxime Waters, pro Lavalas and Aristide’s lawyer, is against the elections

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The United States of America’s consistent stand in favor of democracy in Haiti contributes tirelessly to the emergence of the rule of law and political alternation through the truth of the ballot box. It is a certain fact that various actors and protagonists of the first hours of the political-institutional chaos do not budge from it. Those who are whining about an illegal transition outside of republican principles have made their voices heard through the well-known Lawyer and Congresswoman Maxime Waters, reputed to be a defender of the Lavalas regimes. A partisan position and nothing more from Ms. Waters.

In his letter addressed to his representative in office, Ms. Michèle J. Sison, which is not appropriate, by the way, to the mechanisms and procedures of the political system in place in the United States, Maxime Waters attacks the democratic values promoted in Haiti by the star-spangled banner tending in the sense of the majority of Haitians in favor of holding free, honest and democratic elections. The Lawyer who was supposed to be bound to these said principles and to conform to such a reality has set herself up as a stateless person. To challenge her country, the great artisan of our young democracy, to position herself alongside a sector that swears by the establishment of an unconstitutional lawless regime has no name.


Maxime Waters for his knowledge of the country and his allegiance to the Fanmi Lavalas party, especially to its eternal leader, must understand that the time has come for the transitions to end in Haiti and for Haitians like Americans to decide their future through elections. The mistakes of the past will not be repeated. The democratic order in Haiti will never again be destroyed in favor of restoring chaos. This is the cry of the Haitian people, and the United States of America in supporting a credible and transparent electoral process in the country has understood it all.


Jean David Joseph

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