Roody RoodBoy kicks off the year with ''Marry Me'', a new music video

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This January 14, the artist Roody Pétuel Dauphin or even Roody RoodBoy, published a new clip, entitled Marry Me, in collaboration with Wiz Ofuasia, an artist of Nigerian origin.  

In a rather ordinary text, Roody renews his love for his girlfriend whom he wishes to marry and make the queen of his kingdom. He sings to his sweetheart of a love that he describes as sincere and even invites her to reassure her family that the man she will marry loves her deeply. 

Roody RoodBoy kicks off the year with ''Marry Me'', a new music video

He says he's crazy about this girl and his speech is in no way different from that of a man who really loves a woman or another who pretends to love her. But a love that pushes a man to ask for marriage still smacks of sincerity. Wiz to him also approached the subject from the same angle, promises and wishes to his queen of hearts.

Roody RoodBoy kicks off the year with ''Marry Me'', a new music video

A rather interesting text, a mixture of English and Haitian Creole, although the text of Wiz imposes some difficulties to understand the discourse of the artist. Some observers try to direct this collaboration towards a tactic of the artist to emancipate himself on the international market. If this is the case, the artist has indeed done a good job, in English, or in French or even in Creole, the work will only have to prove itself and this will be the only real sanction that can justify the intention, we wait for the end thereafter. 


Roody RoodBoy kicks off the year with ''Marry Me'', a new music video

In reality, it is not the choice of an international artist (although this Wiz is little known to Haitians) or of a foreign language that will propel a music or a sound towards international success. Fire Azor Lenord Fortune with his drums and voodoo proved just the opposite, J Perry had also proved, by his work Bouje that it was possible to reach the international market in a certain way. His tube has also proven that the rhythm counts a lot in this process. Bouje was purchased by disney following a record of around 60 million views on a YouTube account. Good girl of Salatiel and Rutshelle Guillaume is also another example of international collaboration that has distinguished itself brilliantly, but promotion is one of the most important elements that lie behind these works and works. 

Once again, the hypocrisy of the industry will not allow other artists who aspire to the same dream as Roody to support him in this new approach and in his promotional campaign. If they got down to it seriously in this campaign already begun by Rutshelle Guillaume, they too would have benefited from the results and the fruits of the success of this new orientation. 

Roody RoodBoy kicks off the year with ''Marry Me'', a new music video

While waiting for the second album which arrives about 6 years after his first laser, Roody offers his public this first clip and this rather rhythmic tube which will undoubtedly be able to be used by gentlemen on February 14th.

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