“7 tanbou 1 vwa”, sant kilitirèl Nago sets himself a challenge 

Photo Source: sant kilitirèl Nago

Sant kilitirèl Nago, launches a series of shows to the rhythm of the drum, under the theme "7 tanbou 1 vwa" (seven drums, one voice) in order to highlight Haitian culture through training and artistic representation throughout the countries from Sunday 28 November 2021. 

The drum being one of the oldest instruments among indigenous peoples, its music is a symbol of attachment to the native land. But very little valued in Haiti these days. For the sake of safeguard "sant kilitirèl Nago” launches a series of performances and training around the drum from Sunday, November 28, 2021 going over a period of ten months across the country. 

Long sidelined, the culture of the drum in Haiti enjoys a bad press and is presented as a diabolical element to the detriment of other forms of cultural manifestation that are very often imported. Faced with this deliberate contempt, the cultural center wants to portray the true figure of this very dear heritage. Associated with the voice of the samba, the drum remains the emblem of Negro resistance against all forms of discrimination. The phenomenon of acculturation is becoming a cancer within our society. Education through culture would be an effective medicine to straighten the bar, hence the objective of health kilitirèl Nago. 

 7 tanbou 1 vwa is a cry of alarm at the return to our roots arguing one of the leaders of the center, Réginald Dorcéus known by the pseudonym Dogou Shango. The drum for us in Haitian culture is a tool of communication with the sacred and our ancestors. It connects the worlds, earthly and spiritual,” he said. 


Among the supporters of this project we can cite: Dogou Shango (artistic director), James tanbou, Dimitri Etienne, Grès balèn Racine, Samba Yonel among others ... 




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