"Back to the beach" a safety plan officially launched by the PNH

The National Police of Haiti (PNH), proceeded on Sunday, December 5, 2021, with the official launch of a security plan called "Return to the beach" on the National Road number 1. This plan is part of the aim of promote the security of internal and external perimeters as well as the roads leading to the various hotels and beaches, north of the capital.

“Back to the beach” on National Road number 1, is a safety plan launched on Sunday, December 5, 2021, by the PNH as part of the resumption of tourist activities on the Côte des Arcadins.

Faced with the country's security crisis, the PNH has taken new measures to adopt an integrated and specific security plan for the tourism sector. As a result, agents from several specialized units of the Road Police Traffic Directorate (DCPR), Intervention and Order Maintenance Corps (CIMO), Operation and Departmental Intervention Brigade (BOID) , Intervention Group of the National Police (SWAT), Tourist Police (PoliTour), (Community and educational police (EduPol), Brigade against vehicle theft (BLVV), were mobilized to reinforce the territorial units throughout along the national road # 1, starting from road 9 to the Côte des Arcadins.

In addition, technical and identity checks were carried out on vehicles using the national road # 1. The PoliTour and EduPol units were specifically deployed and assigned to the internal and external security of the various beaches in this region of the entrance. North of Port-au-Prince.

Note that on November 24 and 30, Frantz Elbé and members of his high command carried out workshops with local authorities, hotel managers, owners, tourism promoters and representatives of several civil society organizations. of the municipalities of the Côte des Arcadins.

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